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The National Centre for Food Manufacturing at University of Lincoln leads the way for food industry innovation for businesses and employees.


Procurement of a hand dryer suitable to use within food manufacturing areas. It must be hygienic, dry hands quickly, make minimal noise and limit the creation of slip hazards.


Over 300 jets of strategically placed air remove water from both sides of hands simultaneously without needing continuous hand movement. The Veltia V7-300 hand dryer uses patented technology to stop water from your hands ending up on the floor surface.


The National Centre for Food Manufacturing (NCFM) is dedicated to helping food industry employees advance their careers. They understand the demands of working in this fast moving, dynamic industry.

V7-300 hand dryers were fitted into NCFM factory areas two years ago, and the units continue to be easy to clean, quiet and perform their task very well. The hand dryer gives a very good first impression to our visitors as they pass through our hand washing systems.

“The V7-300 continues to hit the high standards we set out for training and education work.”

Alongside an extensive academic offeringthe NCFM is also committed to spurring innovation within the sector. An important role of the NCFM is to help food companies see what good looks like within the food industry.