The Velair Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy 2020

Our aim is to reduce our environmental impact, and to contribute towards social responsibility, particularly in the areas of our social, economic and environmental choices. We take this position as a business, as an employer of staff whose actions can make a positive contribution in this regard, and as a procurer of goods and services.

The term ‘social responsibility’ covers all areas of corporate social responsibility, including (but not limited to) environmental, technical, economic and social issues.


Considering our Corporate & Social Responsibility policy, we have put in place the following operational practice:

1. We expect to align this policy with our existing policies.

2. We will always do our best to choose an approach which contributes to social responsibility.

3. We recognise that our staff are concerned that we make efforts to improve our active contribution to our social responsibilities. We will seek input from our staff on ideas and approaches and ask them to consider different choices that have similar social responsibility benefits.

4. We will increasingly build social responsibility into our procurement activities.

5. We recognise that this policy may on occasion challenge existing ‘ways of doing things.’ We accept this as a business and as individuals.

6. We will seek to make available a budget for achieving our objectives each year, within the limits of our annual resources.

7. We will ensure that this policy is a living and active document by reviewing and amending as required.

8. Social responsibility will be incorporated into strategic decision making with support for staff involvement to drive and own the policy.

9. As a business we will continue to monitor and reduce the risk of modern slavery within our business and supply chain.