Cadbury World’s VA Air Tap Solution


Cadbury World is a chocolate factory visitor attraction, featuring a self-guided exhibition tour. They welcome over 500,000 guests per year.


Procurement of an energy efficient hand dryer which can be easily integrated into the washroom environment. A hand dryer that can accommodate large volumes of people daily.

The VA Air Tap

The VA Air Tap - A touch free, elegant design, that’s simple in its approach to hand drying. The design negates water on the floor and the use of precious wall space. Suitable for a busy washroom in a visitor attraction - where people’s hands may get chocolatey.

VA Air Tap

Cadbury World offers so much to see and do for groups, school trips and the whole family, all wrapped up as great visitor attraction. From learning how Cadbury’s iconic confectionery is made, to playing in chocolate rain and adding your favourite treat to a delicious pot of warm liquid Cadbury Dairy Milk – there’s lots of interactive things for visitors to see and do.

After a refresh, Cadbury World made the decision to work within their current supply chain to procure a hand dryer for their newly designed washrooms.

Our VA Air Tap was considered early on due to its elegant design and simple approach to hand drying.

“It’s eco-efficient too, which is great when you are catering for high visitor numbers daily.”

A key driver for the project was eliminating water on the floor, and the desire not to use up precious wall space – due to visitor volumes, and the age range of the majority of those visitors.

The Air-Tap provides a touch free efficient solution which is easy to clean and operate. The Air Tap incorporates Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC) and Smart Air Outlet Technology (MAOT) thus allowing visitors to feel more comfortable and at ease when drying their hands.