Local air sterilisation

UV Light Disinfection

HEPA Filter

Ion Generation

TUV Accredited

HEPA Filter

Quiet Mode

HEPA Filter

H13 media iFilter

Antimicrobial Dryer Cover

Brushless Motor


Plug & Play®



The Pebble+ removes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, and incorporates our advanced hygienic protocol, featuring intelligent H13 media filtration, UV-C light disinfection and ION particle generation.

The Pebble+ has all the features and benefits of the Pebble Plug & Play hand dryer, with the addition of local air sterilization and UV light disinfection. Automatically initiated, on an hour-on-hour off basis, low-speed air sterilization mode allows for negative IONs to be released at a slow enough pace to be spread into the air efficiently, in order to clean the local atmosphere, effectively.

Dryer VS paper costs

Cost of annual energy usage: £12.00 against a paper towel cost of £375.00.

A saving of £363 = 96.8%*

Recommended usage:

Low, Medium and High

Product codes:

White: VAPPLUSW001 Satin: VAPPLUSS002 Black: VAPPLUS003 H13: VAPB004


Run cost (£)
(per annum)


Drying time




Carbon Emission (kg)
(per annum)**

Technical Specifications
Voltage 220/240v
Power Output 700w
Motor Power 300w
Heating Power 400w
Net Weight 2.6kg
D x W x L 145 x 270 x 320mm
Noise Level 72dB at 1m
Quiet Mode 67dB at 1m
Cover Material Fireproof 94VO ABS
Electrical Specifications
Rated Current 4.0A
Motor Speed 30,000RPM
Heating Element Off/400W
Sensing Distance 10-25cms
Standby Power Consumption < 0.5W
Drying Time 12 seconds
Safety Features

Motor Protection

Thermal Element protection

* Calculated at KW/H rate 12p at drying rates of 150 dries per day, for 250 days per year, against paper towel rate of 3 towels per dry at cost of 0.005p per towel.** Based on an average of 150 uses per day over 365 days per year