Victoria Community School


Victoria Community School is a fully inclusive school that reflects the diversity of the community it serves. As a school they look for the most suitable and cost-effective solution to meet their needs.


The hand dryer had to be quiet, robust and energy efficient. Ideally a low noise hand dryer suitable for small children, and as unintrusive and ‘friendly’ as possible to those with special needs or disabilities.


Built with children in mind. Effective hand drying, whilst still maintaining a quieter, child-friendly hand drying experience. The owl images also put children at ease and capture their imaginations.

F5 Eco-Owl

Victoria Community School prides itself on its fully inclusive values and practices, with the school reflecting the diversity of the community.

They decided to work within their current supply chain to procure a hand dryer that was befitting children. The hand dryer had to be quiet, robust, efficient and eco-friendly so that it was suitable for a school environment.

The F5 Eco-Owl is designed to engage with children of all ages and abilities, whilst promoting hand hygiene and efficiency within a washroom environment.

Quiet in use, the Eco-Owl was designed with children in mind whilst maintaining cost efficient hand drying.

The Eco-Owl image is applied at the manufacturing stage, permanently embedding a quality image into a durable resin layer.

“The Eco-Owl causes ‘owl envy’ and provides a quiet solution for Victoria Community School.”

The children really love the hand dryer! It puts even the most nervous hand washer at ease with its bright colourful image of an owl. So much so, that the hand dryers have caused “owl envy” at their sister school site!