Intu Watford


Intu own many of the UK’s largest and most popular shopping retail destinations, including centres such as intu Trafford Centre and intu Lakeside, and other vibrant city centre locations from Newcastle to Watford.


Procurement of a quality, energy efficient, robust and hygenic hand dryer which works well in high footfall areas.


World Dryers premium VERDEdri, is designed especially for high footfall washrooms, and has low annual run costs. It is of a robust design and has a durable vandal resitant finish. It also incorporates SteriTouch® antimicrobial technology and is DDA compliant.


Intu own 17 of the best shopping centres in the UK, and the UK’s first multichannel shopping platform,

With over 35 million unique customer visits a year (that’s over half the UK population!), their scale and experience give them a unique insight into today’s consumer – and what they are looking for from a shopping experience.

Intu Watford Shopping Centre have made their hand dryer of choice the VERDEdri by World Dryer. The decision was made to work within their current supply chain to procure a hand dryer robust enough to operate at high footfall and remain eco efficient.

“The VERDEdri was the obvious choice due to its high-quality components and reliability the World Dryer brand is known for.”

The VERDEdri is built to cope with high footfall demands, and is also robust enough to be vandal resitant, which is ideal in a shopping centre environment.

In addition, the VERDEdri gave Intu Watford further benefits, including DDA compliance (disability discrimination act), HEPA air filtra-tion and SteriTouch® antimicrobial technology, which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus. Thus, improving hand hygiene and customer welfare.

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