Fragrance System


Unique to the Market, ZeroGel maintains
a fresh fragranced washroom environment

ZeroGel fragrance system is an innovative product that helps to eliminate bad odours and helps to improve air quality within the washroom.

This product has the highest level of effectiveness against the most common episodes of foul odour present in both the domestic and professional environment. ZeroSmell has two functions – as well as removing bad odours and neutralising them, it also leaves a gentle pleasant fragrance within the washroom environment.

How it works
ZeroGel liberates active agents into the washroom environment, which neutralises bad aromas. This is done in a slow and linear way when these agents come into contact with the malodorous molecules. They react chemically and neutralise each other over time (dependant on airflow and temperature within the washroom).

Long lasting, ZeroSmell lasts up to 4 months, ensuring fresh and clean facilities where compatible dryers are in use – another exclusivity of Velair.

Recommended usage:

In products such that allow for a fragrance system, such as the V7 Tri-blade and V7-300.

Product codes:

ZeroGel 4 Pack: VUK055